Accelerator Build UP

The accelerator is organized by the Skolkovo Foundation together with the leaders of the Russian development market: Hals-Development, Kortros, Osnova, FSK
20 best startups will pass free acceleration program to improve their technologies and create the ideal business model for application of their technology/ at real construction sites and the biggest residential compounds
to select and provide business growth for the best start-ups that can increase the speed and reduce the cost of construction, increase the efficiency of real estate management, improve the quality of life of residents

Why to participate

The best startups will get:

Skolkovo Foundation

Industrial partners

The largest innovation center in Russia for 10 years specializing in acceleration of technological start-ups. It develops a portfolio of more than 2000 technological start-ups in all the main industrial areas: energy, mechanical engineering, construction and housing, metallurgy, oil and gas, transport, IT, fintech, telecom, biomed, agro-industry, aviation, space. The Skolkovo Foundation portfolio includes the best start-ups that have passed independent expert selection. Skolkovo Foundation has a complex infrastructure for the development of start-ups, including collective use centers, services for the protection of intellectual property, attraction of venture capital investment, certification, support of industrial implementation. In 2017, the total revenue of the participating companies of the fund amounted to 49 billion rubles. The foundation has a unique community of industrial partners – More than 100 large industrial companies place their research centers in «Skolkovo », Work with the Foundation to identify and implement innovative technologies. Among other things, such work is carried out within the framework of corporate acceleration programs created by corporations with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation. For the implementation of such projects, the Fund has prepared its own team of 100 specialists in working with start-ups and formed an expert/mentor panel of 700 professionals in the field of science and entrepreneurship.
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Hals-Development2 million sq m developed, one of the top-5 real estate developers in Moscow, owned by the #2 bank in Russia - VTB Bank.
Kortrosfederal-level real estate developer presented in 8 regions of Russia with over 25 on-going projects. 2.5 million sq m already built. 15 years on the market.
Osnovaoperates in diverse market segments and develops three core businesses: smart real estate development in Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria; commercial property management, and investment in high-tech projects. Current portfolio includes 14 real estate projects.
FSKone of the largest developers in Russia, 14 years on the market, 6.2 million sq m built, 22 projects under construction, > 15000 employees, owns the prefabricated houses production in Russia.

Experts and Mentors






Build UP Open Day 18.03.2020
(in Russian only)

Accelerator technology focus

Reduction in construction time and cost
Improving material properties and equipment efficiency; Reduction and simplification of operations on site and reduction of human factor; Optimizing project management from design to delivery
  • End-to-end management of building process, time and cost
  • New construction materials, equipment and technologies, urban infrastructure
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Online monitoring and control of construction works
  • Robotization and automation of construction processes, facilitation of physical labor
  • Work safety and reduction of negative impact on the environment
  • Transparency and reliability of accounting, control of flows of goods and materials
  • Improving the operational efficiency of construction equipment and machinery
  • Increasing the productivity of workers � training, control, operational management
  • Prefabrication of structural elements, reduction of operations at the site
  • Digitalization of workflow, increasing the effectiveness of interaction with contractors
  • Other technologies aimed at reducing the time and cost of construction
Efficient operation of facilities and improved quality of life
Ensuring the comfort and safety of residents; Increasing the consumer value of real estate objects
  • Creation of a digital environment for residents and management companies, including smart quarter, home, apartment systems
  • Additional services for residents and platform solutions for the provision of services
  • Improving the efficiency of operation / maintenance of buildings and equipment
  • Transport systems at the quarter level, providing parking spaces for vehicles
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, air purification
  • Efficient lighting and light control
  • Dispatching and resource management systems
  • Fire safety
  • Water treatment and sanitation systems
  • Garbage disposal and waste management
  • Access control and security
  • Accident prevention, including monitoring the status of utility systems
  • Other technologies that improve operational efficiency and quality of life
Improve sales performance
Define optimal parameters for new development projects and improve their positioning in the market; improved communication with customers; provide new services to the residents
  • Forecasting demand and optimizing property pricing
  • Additional opportunities for monetization of the target audience - with the sale of real estate and with subsequent servicing of residents
  • Platform solutions for interaction with customers
  • Accounting and analysis of information about customers and target audience
  • Increasing potential customer loyalty
  • Improving communication with potential customers
  • Improving the performance of physical sales offices
  • Virtual and augmented reality in real estate
  • Sales automation and robotization of customer interactions
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Other technologies that contribute to revenue growth and increased sales efficiency

We look for

Technology readiness – not earlier than prototype completed
Applicants – start-ups and mature technology companies, with a registered legal entity and at least 5 employees
Industrial prototype
Technology/product is ready for serial use/production with minor modifications
Operating business
Production and sale of a product or service has been started
MVP (minimum viable product) ready
Core functional characteristics are confirmed in close to real conditions
First sales
The product is available, commercialization model is developed, first customers tested the product

The stages of the accelerator

May 15
Deadline for applications
June 7
40 projects selected for interviews and preparation for Selection Day
June 26
Selection Day – pitch session to select the best startups for the acceleration program
June 29
Start of acceleration program for top 20 projects
October 21


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